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Seeree Islaamshah Amane Mal Yaa - Translation C



Pir Sadardeen

O momins! I have gained the recognition of Imam Islamshah,

Who has blessed me with the spiritual rule.

He gave me His recognition in a manner which

cannot be written in words.

And truly He has fulfilled all my desires by giving me

His recognition. (No doubt is left about His being the Supreme Being in my mind). ...1

I devotedly served my Lord

And He has blessed me with His complete recognition

Offering of dasond and self-sacrifice is only possible

For those who have sincere love for their Imam. ...2

It is with love for the Imam

And it is with patience in my heart

That I have composed this Ginan.

The true knowledge of Imam can only be had

If the hearts are made as pure as water. ...3

Complete love for the Imam can make the hearts

as pure as water.

And it is only through the mercy of the Imam

That one can achieve eternal life. ...4

Pir Sadardeen says: Create the awareness that

Hazir Imam is Omnipresent

You will gain eternal life

If you experience His Noor in your heart. ...5

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