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Saamee Raajo More Man Thee Na Visare Jee - Translation A


ejee saamee raajo more man thee na visare jee
to suno suno moman rahiyaa hojire bhaiyaa....................1

O momins: My lord is never forgotten in my heart, so listen,
listen all those who have remained (true) momins, O my dear brothers.

ejee teree meree saa(n)iyaa ek man ek chi(n)t
saamee raajo bhar pur rahyaa hojire bhaiyaa..................2

O momins: Yours and mine are one heart and one mind
(our heart and mind is one). I feel my Lord's presence everywhere
(He is indeed omnipresent), O my dear brothers.

[When the heart feels the joy and bliss (independant of the material conditions)
and when the mind is focussed in His awareness, then one is indeed with the Lord.]

ejee shaam tannaa abhi-aagat aave viraa
teenku(n) me(n) laagu(n)gee pai-aa hojire bhaiyaa............3

O momins: Brothers when my Lord (Imaam) pays me a visit as a guest,
I shall prostrate at His Holy Feet, O dear brothers.

ejee aape utthee tene besann deeje viraa
soi tamaaraa dharam lakhaiyaa(n) hojire bhaiyaa..............4

O momins: Brothers, (when the Lord arrives) rise up and give Him a seat.
This is in accordance with what has been prescribed in your religion, O dear brothers.

ejee lai lotto tenaa paa(n)u dho-eeje veeraa
seer par tel ka(n)gaiyaa(n) hojire bhaiyaa...................5

O momins: Brothers, take soap (powder) and wash His feet and
apply oil and comb His hair, O dear brothers.
[Serve Him in every possible manner.]

ejee kheer ne khaa(n)dd garath amarat bhojan veeraa
shaah tanne mukh daiyaa(n) hojire bhaiyaa....................6

O momins: Brothers submit rice pudding, sugar, ghee, water
and wheat at the mouth of the Lord, O dear brothers.

[All above are symbolic of the ingredients of sukreet(good deeds).
The symbolic significance of each ingredient is:

a) kheer - milk symbolises 'zikr' which is prayer and remembrance
of the Lord. Just as milk is a nourishing and health giving food for
our body, so also 'zikr' is the real food for the soul which nourishes
and enables it to grow into God.

b) khaand - sugar symbolises 'Sat' the Truth which is always sweet
(to the Lord although bitter to us) hence compared to sugar.

c) grath - 'ghee' symbolises 'Imaan' , faith under all circumstances.
'Ghee' in a vessel will always remain 'ghee' no matter how much it
is heated hence it symbolises steadfastness in faith.

d) amrat - 'nectar', 'aab-e-shafa' symbolises smooth flow of patience
without which virtue is impossible. It can also signify purity of heart and mind.

e) bhojan - wheat symbolises 'khamiyaa', tolerance by virtue of it's ability
to withstand great physical stress upon it in the process of it's transformation
from grain into flour. It retains all it's properties of food inspite of being
crushed between the grinding stones.]

ejee ddholeeyaa tallaai-e ene poddhann deeje veeraa
jeennaa jeennaa vaaho ddhollaaiyaa hojire bhaiyaa............7

O momins: Brothers, lay a broad cot and mattress and cover Him
(make Him comfortable), and gently fan him, O dear brothers.

ejee chaare satee-u taaku(n) ma(n)gall gave veeraa
motee dde chok puraiyaa, hojire bhaiyaa......................8

O momins: Brothers, the four saintly ladies will sing joyous songs on
such an auspicious occassion and they will decorate the market
place with precious pearls, O dear brothers.

ejee eso geenaan peer bhannaave sadardeen veeraa
more moman bhaaiku(n) bahest leekhaiyaa hojire bhaiyaa.......9

O momins: Brothers, this 'geenaan' (Divine knowledge and wisdom) is
taught by Peer Sadardeen. My Lord has established paradise for my
devote momins, O dear brothers.

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