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Paratak Paatra Ne Parakheene - Translation


ejee paratak paatra ne parkhee ne, preme pujonee paay
chauda bhraahmann no e dhannee, paragat chhe jugmaa(n)he.....1

Having recognised the Manifest Foam (of divinity, i.e Imaam of the time),
worship Him with love. He is indeed the Master of the fourteen universes
(seven heavens and seven earths) and is physically present in this age.

ejee paratak rupe haree aaveeyaa, aape dharee avataar
rachanaa rachaavee vaaso vasyaa, aape jug kirtaar............2

The Lord has come in the present form and has assumed Himself as
the physical Manifestion(Imaam). Having created the creation,
He has established His abode. He is indeed the Creator Himself.

ejee kudda kapatta ne ttaallvaa, paakha(n)d je jug maa(n)he
neermal karvaane pruthvee, aavyaa treebhovar raay............3

For the sake of annihilating the forces of evil, and the hypocrates of the age;
to purify the universe(of evil), the King of the three worlds has come.

ejee jogeeja(n)gam jugmaa(n) jotaa, fire vanvan farere udaas
darshan svapane paame nahi, neet kare jog apavaas............4

The (false) saints and sages are observed in the world,
wandering from jungle to jungle in melancholy and sadness
(for the enlightenment). However they will not attain the Vision
even in dreams and (inspite of) fasting daily (if they haven't
recognised the True Guide.)

ejee paratak rupe hari aavee-aa, ramataa ramataa re raam
maannas rupe jugamaa(n) aavee-aa, purann karavaane kaam......5

In the manifest form the Lord has arrived, as a King in a playful and
mysterious manner. He has come in this world in the form of a man to
complete and perfect the deeds (of or for the momins).

ejee bhagat kaarann hari aaveeyaa, aape dharee avataar
dai(n)t daannav ne sa(n)haarvaa, karvaa bhagatu nee saar.....6

For the sake of the true devotees, the Lord has arrived,
and has Himself taken up the Manifestation; to slay the
evil demon and to purify and perfect the devotees.

ejee maallee vinaare vaaddee nahi, praann vinaa nahi deh
jeevan paa(n)khe jug nahi, man vinchaareene teh..............7

Without a gardner, a garden cannot flourish and without breath,
a body cannot survive. Without life there is no universe,
reflect about this in your hearts(mind).

ejee maallee hashe tyaa vaaddee hashe, purann leelaa laher
seedhu(n) kareene see(n)chase dharee ne maher................8

Where there is a gardner, there will be a garden with thriving freshness.
With great care and skill, he will water it mercifully.

ejee maallee hashe tyaa(n) see(n)chase, van fall neetnavaa(n) thaay
satgur hashe tyaa(n) neepaje, dharamee neetnavaa(n) thaay....9

Where there is the Gardner, there He will water; and the fruits will thrive
with freshness and variety. (In the same manner) where there is the True
Guide, there the nourishment (of the soul) will take place and the devotees
will be renewed and enriched (in their faith).

ejee jenne gopee keraa(n) mahee luttyaa(n), maakhann khaadhaare chakor
aage karsanaa avtaar maa(n), maarag rag vinod...............10

The one who plundered the earthen pots filled with butter, of the Gopees,
and inflicted great loss of butter upon them cleverly (for a higher gain);
long ago at the time of Lord Krishnaa, the path was of mysterious play.


ejee ajakal vaare avtareeyaa hari, das me avtaar
setar dipthee aavshe, jaaher ja(m)pudeep mi(n)jaar..........11

In the present age the Lord has manifested, as the tenth manifestation
of the Lord. He will come from the Arabian Peninsula and will make His
physical appearance in the Indian Subcontinent.

ejee tene jaannee ne tame ollakho, srevo yehee dayaall
hartaa fartaa ane bola(n)taa, rup madan gopaall.............12

Know Him and recognise Him (as the Manifestation), worship and
serve this Divine Light, while walking about, wandering and
speaking through the name of the Lord.

ejee bhanne peer i(n)ddhra imaamdeen, maaraa munivar bhaai
geenaan veemaras ne joi lee-o, praachhat sarve jaay.........13

Peer Indhra Imaamdeen teaches, O my believer brothers! Internalise the 'geenans',
having discussed and reflected upon them, then all your sins will disappear
(by virtue of the knowledge and wisdom thereof and the pleasure and joy gained thus).
[The joy of the higher removes the lower pleasures.]

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