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Noor Velaa Noor Peeyo - Translation C


Pir Sadardeen

O believers! Enjoy taste of divine light at the time

when divine light is attained; and be joyous in minds.

Establish (spiritual) link with your Shah Pir at the

time of (blossom of) flowers. O brothers! You wake up

as the night is passing away. O believer brothers!

You beware (because) the night is becoming over. ...1

O believers! Adore our Omnipotent Lord after being best

by washing and taking bath, and shaking off counterfeit

coins i.e. evil desire (from your minds). ...2

O my believers! Adore our Adorable Guest

(honourable Lord) and the rest be reckoned being

devilish paganism. ...3

O believers! At the last sixth trice of night,

you wake up and worship our Omnipotent Lord. ...4

O believers! Pir Sadardeen advises that the last hour

of night is meant for worship in this age,

but very few among the courageous know the true path. ...5

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