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Noor Velaa Noor Peeyo - Translation A


ejee nur vellaa nur peeyo, kareeyo man aanandjee
pop vellaa raakho, shaah peersu(n) sa(m)ba(n)dhajee
tame jaago jaago bhaaiddaa, rayann viyaanneeyaajee
tame cheto momanbhaaijee, rayann viyaanneeyaajee.............1

At the time of enlightenment drink the Light(of knowledge and wisdom i.e., the geenaans) and thus make your mind(heart) joyful. At the time of the blooming(of the soul), establish relationship with the Lord and the Guide.

O brothers! remain continuously awake(in knowledge and remembrance), so that the night(i.e., darkness of ignorance and heedlessness) may pass away. O momins! be vigilant, so that the night(of the soul) may pass away.

ejee utam hoi naahi dhoi, aapnnaa alakhane aaraadho
khottaa re naannaa tame dur chukaavo..tame jaago.............2

Having cleansed and purified (your soul) in a perfect manner, worship your indescriptible(Lord). Keep away from false or pretentious cleansing. O brothers! remain continuously awake...

ejee utam abhiyaagat alakhne, aaraadho moraa bhaaijee
or sarve bhut keraa vaasaa jaannojee...tame jaago............3

O my brothers! become the most perfect guests(of the exalted place) and adore or worship the indescriptible (Lord). The rest are all places of ghosts. O brothers! remain continuously awake...

ejee khatt ghaddee paachhlee rahennee rahe,
taare tame jaago momanbhaaeejee
jaagee jaagee aapnnaa alakhne aaraadho..tame jaago...........4

At the last six 'ghaddees'(one ghaddee = approx. 22 minutes) of the night, remain awake, O momin brothers. While remaining continuously awake worship or adore your indescriptible(Lord). O brothers! remain continuously awake....

ejee bhanne peer sadardeen, hee jug paachhlee rahennee
sat keree vaatt kene veerle jaannee...tame jaago.............5

Peer Sadardeen teaches: this existence(in the company of the Guide) is like the last portion of the night(the dawn). Very few courageous souls have known the True Path. O brothers! remain continuously awake...

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