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Kaayam Daayam Tun Moro Saamee - Translation E


Pir Shams

O soul!

Thou art everpresent and everlasting, O my Lord!

But only a few live by Thy name. ...1

The true words must be understood.

O momins! Muhammad is the true prophet. ...2

O momins! Do not match wits with your Pir.

Live respectfully by the words of the Teacher

and do not undermine them. ...3

O momins! True believers will get salvation;

Whereas the inattentive ones will weep for

their failures. ...4

O momins! Even if one lives for a hundred years;

At the end one has to die. ...5

O momins! Says Pir Shams, 'The kind hearted',

very clearly that only that happens

which our Lord desires. ...6

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