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Kaayam Daayam Tun Moro Saamee - Translation C


Pir Shams

O my Everliving and Eternal Master, there are very few

Who are bent towards You. ...1

O believer, take my true statement as reliable

that Hazrat Nabi Muhammad (s.a.s.) is indeed trustworthy.

(This remains his truthful statement at Gadir-e-Khum) ...2

O believer do not make your own judgement against the guidance of Pir, but respectfully and continuously follow the guidance which your spiritual authority gives. ...3

Those who set out to be virtuous attained their objective, but negligents were left behind shedding their tears

in repentance. ...4

O believer, one can live for a maximum of one hundred years in this world but the ultimate result of life will be death. ...5

Enlightened, vast hearted Pir Shams says that whatever the Creator desires happens. ...6

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