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Jameen Aasmaan Saahebe Jugate Jaddeeyaa - Translation


ejee jameen aasmaan saahebe jugate jaddeeyaa
tenne deedhaa chhe geerbhaavaas ho
sudho karee saaheb sarevajo, to paamsho moksh deedaar ho
dudh ma dekho veeraa kaaramu
enne dudhe to paddasho ja(n)jaall ho
daag dekho veeraa alee tanno, sache shaah tanno..............1

In this age(time,universe), the Lord has fashioned the earth and the heavens,
and has given (the promise during) the nine months in the mother's womb.
By considering the Imaam as a pure entity, worship (serve) Him,
the result of which you will attain the Vision and salvation.
O dear ones, do not consider the milk (symbol of worldly nourishment - pleasure
and food) as beautiful (although it may appear to be so). By consuming
such milk you will fall into chaos and confusion. Consider the blemish
(in this milk) as that of Aly and indeed it is that of the True Lord.

[Here the blemish in the midst of worldly pleasure and enjoyment,
symbolises the 'gnaan' i.e., knowledge and wisdom from the Peer,
and stands in contrast to the milk of worldly experience.]

ejee kuttu(m)b pareevaar jeevdde ghannaa kareeyaa
jeevddo aaveene paddeyo ja(n)jaall ho
kaachee kaayaa pee(n)dhh ddhallee padde
tenu(n) lekho te saahebjeene haath ho...dudh.................2

The soul has made many family and other relationships (in this world).
The soul has come and fallen into chaos and confusion as a result.
The raw and unstable body and the physical form will collapse and fall.
The account (of it's deeds) will be in the hands of the Lord.

ejee an paannee naa parab jaare sukashe
taare stree rotaa mele baall ho
baap betto doy zagaddshe
evo thaayshe khotto kaleekaar ho...dudh......................3

When the granary( 'parab') of food and water will dry out, the woman will cry
and abondon her child. The father and son will fight each other.
Such will be the condition of this false and difficult period.

ejee saameenaa dall jyaare chaalshe
taare sat dharamnu(n) thaayshe vahevaar ho
unnee aachaaree teeyaa(n) ubhaa raheshe
fal laheshe sachaa yaar ho...................................4

When the leaves (colours, influence) of the Lord will prevail,
there will be genuine connection (relationship) with the True Religion.
At that time people of lowly activities will stand there (in regrets)
while the true and genuine friends of the Lord will obtain their fruits.

ejee aal alee nabeejeenee ollakheene sarevajo
jenne keedhee chhe satpa(n)th nee saar ho
peer sadardeen boleeyaa
maaraa moman bhaai tame rahejo husheeyaar ho...dudh..........5

Worship (serve) the progeny of Aly and the Prophet after recognising them.
They have established the principles (essence) of the True Path.
Peer Sadardeen says,"My brother believers, remain intelligent and alert".

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