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Deelnaa Dagaa Ba(n)de Karanaa(n) Ho Dur - Translation


ejee deelnaa dagaa ba(n)de karnaa(n) ho dur,

e gunaah bakshe subhaanaa jeere.....1

Keep the frauds of the heart at a distance o creature. These sins can be forgiven by the Holy one o.

ejee pee(n)ddne kaarann kaa(n)y jeevddaane haaro,

saamee raajo lekhaa(n) leshe jeere.2

For the sake of the body why do you forsake the soul. The Lord will take account of all your deeds o.

ejee guno tamaaro dushman thaashe,

avar ra(n)g laeene utthshe jeere......3

Your sin will turn out to be your enemy. It will manifest itself after assuming other colours (in deception) o.

ejee ja(n)tr zaalee jeevddo saannseeye toddaavshe,

taare jeevddo karashe pukaar jeere....4

The bodily limbs bound by the bondages of the sinful activities will be broken by iron instruments. At that painful moment the soul will regret o.

ejee nahee(n) tyaa(n) maataa ne nahee tyaa(n) peetaa

nahee(n) tyaa(n) ben na bhaaee jeere..5

At that moment neither your mother nor your father will be there; nor your sister nor your brother o.

ejee aatmaa jou(n) to kaa(n)i na deese,

saamee raajo lekhaa(n) leshe jeere....6

When I try to contemplate the soul, nothing is seen(due to sinful activities). The Majestic Lord will surely take account of your deeds o.

ejee geenaan mahaaras bhanne peer sadardeen,

nakala(n)kee aagal hoyshe jeere.......7

This hymn containing lofty nector(spiritually nourishing wisdom and knowledge) is taught by Peer Sadardeen. The nameless and the formless will be ahead o.

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