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Abadhu Jugat Jol Santosh Paatra Karo - Translation A


abadhu jugat jol sa(n)tosh paatra karo
ane dda(n)ddaa karo beechaar(veechaar)
khameeyaa dayaakee doy mu(n)ddhr pahero
geenaan karjo aahaar

abadhu te jogee jugamaa(n)he, jaako man dujaare naa(n)hee
abadhu te jogee jugamaa(n)he...............................1

jugat - skill, technique, way
jol - care
dda(n)ddaa - (stirring) stick

O slave! Make the begging (for grace) bowl the Path with care and contentment,
and let the thought process and reflection be the stirring stick.
Wear the two earings of patience and mercy. Let the 'geenaans' to be your food.
O slave! The sage in this world is the one, whose heart is free f
rom matters other (than faith and religion).

abadhu gur meraa geenaan veraagakee i(n)ddree
ane sa(n)gam karo bhabhutaa
saach dharam saach karee dheeyaavo
to jogee hay abadhutaa abadhu te jogee.....................2

veraag - ascetism
sa(n)gam - meeting,union
bhabhutaa - clay, ash
abadhutaa - carefree dervish

O slave! My Guide is the opening for the understanding of the mysteries of the
'geenaans' and the path of ascetism. And be in union with ash or clay
(be aware of death or hereafter). Worship and adore the True Religion
in a truthful manner. Then indeed the sage will be regarded as a carefree dervish.

abadhu cha(n)do suraj doy rokee raakho
ane man chee(n)t dharo is dda(n)ddee
sukhamannaa ta(n)tee vaajann laagee
e bhed keesej kha(n)ddee abadhu te jogee...................3

ta(n)tee - thread (nerve)
vaajann - sound of music
kha(n)ddee - realise

O slave! Retain the sun and the moon (Imaam and the Peer) in your hearts
and consciousness, keep such a stick (thoughts) always.
Then the force (nerve) channel sukhmannaa will begin to vibrate
after being activated and hence will produce a musical sound.
Very few are aware of the mysteries of such a phenomenon.

abadhu sab avagunn tajo treevennee nahaavo
ane anhad naad bajaa-o
kahe peer shamsh jeeva(n)t mareeye
to avarth janam na paao....................................4

treevennee - the region joining the inglaa, pinglaa and sukhmannaa force channels
at the fore head between the two eye brows.

O slave! shun all the misdeeds and focus your concentration on the
region joining the ingla pinglaa and sukhmannaa force channels.
Then you will initiate, play or hear celestial sounds. Peer Shamsh says
that if one dies while still alive, he will not have to take up further births.

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