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Aash Tamaaree Shri Ho Qaayam Sami - Translation B


Pir Hasan Kabirdeen

O Lord! You are my only hope, O everliving Guide

So please think of me

The whole Jamat is standing and earnestly praying

(in your Huzur)

Lord, bestow prosperity and happiness upon us ...1

O Lord! O Lord, in this tenth avatar, You are the bestower

So remember the promise that You have given to me

Redeem this world, O Master

And uplift the souls of your momins ...2

O Lord! You reside in my mind, O Lord of the Universe

Give me true wisdom and understanding

(exact knowledge)

O Lord, select the best, the most valuable spiritual

benefits (like precious jewels)

And bestow these upon me ...3

O Lord! By worshipping You, O Master

We can attain eternal knowledge

Make us utter only those words

That would please You ...4

O Lord! Lead us to the right path

And restrain us from evil

There is always mercy from You

But the fault is ours ...5

O Lord! We most humbly beseech You

Please listen to our prayers

Make us lead our life to Your liking

So we may not be blamed on the final day ...6

O Lord! Save us from sorrow and trouble by Your mercy

You are the greatest Master

By Your beneficence I can only achieve

the nine jewels (nine universes - everything)

If only You were to look at me ...7

O Lord! O Ali! I submit to You full of anticipation

And humbly beg You with my hands joined

To bestow upon us Your holy didar

O Lord, I bow down to Your feet ...8

O Lord! Your humble servant, Pir Hasan Kabirdeen

Begs of You and seeks Your protection

This world is full of fraud and deception

Guide me safely through to salvation ...9

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