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Ginan App - Android application for Ginan audio, text & meanings

Please Note that this is the latest version dated 13 December 2022 . Uninstall any previous version you may have installed in the past.

Ginan App by ismaili.net

Ginan App by ismaili.net

DOWNLOAD it here - this App is not available in the Google Play Store!

From your Android phone,
Click on the app logo to download the app GinanV1.apk onto your phone.
Once downloaded, click on the file to install it.
You must accept "from unknown source" just one time.
Compatible from Android version 5.0 and up.
Permission request : Access to phone (in order to stop the mediaplayer during phonecalls).



  • Easy access to Ginans
  • includes information and meanings
  • includes various recitations

  • Search words or phrases that are in the title or text of a ginan
  • Search by author, category or subject
  • List ginans starting by any letter
  • Browse the glossary of common words in the 'about' section
  • Select a ginan and view text and translation
  • Listen to a ginan by choosing a reciter
  • Mark ginan in your Favourites list

I feel that unless we are able to continue this wonderful tradition, which is a burden and duty upon the Ismailia Association in particular, to teach the younger spiritual children their Ginans, I feel that we will lose some of our past, and some of our past which is most important to us and must be kept throughout our lives and the lives of the spiritual children who are yet to be born.
[Mawlana Hazar Imam, Dacca, 1960-10-17]

Many times, I have recommended to My spiritual children that they should remember Ginans, that they should understand the meaning of these Ginans and that they should carry these meanings in their hearts. It is most important that My spiritual children from wherever they may come should through the ages and from generation to generation, hold to this tradition which is so special, so unique and so important to My Jamat.
[Mawlana Hazar Imam, Karachi, 1964-12-16]


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