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The Costa Smeralda turns sixty: an iconic model of tourism 2022-07-31

Sunday, 2022, July 31
At the Court of the Aga Khan

An adventure that has been going on for sixty years. And that, in addition to having transformed Gallura and the Costa Smeralda into an icon of luxury tourism, looks to the future in the name of sustainability, innovation and digital.

An adventure born in 1962
The adventure is that of the Costa Smeralda Consortium founded in 1962 at the behest of Prince Karim Aga Khan with the aim of “managing, controlling and protecting the territories of Gallura called Costa Smeralda for the benefit of its members”. To pave the way for the projects that concern the future and that go in continuity with the path taken up to now, the ordinary assembly in which the programs and strategies were presented, as well as the final balance and forecast.

The vision of Prince Aga Khan
«The Costa Smeralda model was born from the vision of Prince Karim Aga Khan who gave life to a dream, creating a timeless tourist myth – said during the assembly Renzo Persico, president of the Consortium -. Thanks to this vision, an iconic style was configured, defined precisely as the “Costa Smeralda style”, a source of inspiration and studies all over the world ». Past and present but also the future, for a slice of Sardinia that looks to the protection of the environment and its enhancement.

“The wisdom and foresight of those who knew how to place the themes of eco-sustainability at the basis of their project – added the president of the Consortium – must be combined with the merit of those who today continue to perpetuate that intuition by preserving, improving and adapting to changes social, demographic, technological and environmental, a tourist destination which, thanks to its private organization and the connotation of its territory, has managed to be a competitive reference in step with the evolution of the needs of international luxury tourism ».

55 kilometers of coastline
The task of the consortium is to enhance the Costa Smeralda territory which is not a toponym “but the name that unites and defines only the territories of the properties associated with the Costa Smeralda Consortium”. Specifically, that area of ​​Gallura delimited by a symbolic boundary consisting of two granite rocks, which bear the name Costa Smeralda: one to the south, on the panoramic road that comes from Olbia, after Portisco, the other to the north, immediately after Liscia di Vacca, on the road to Baja Sardinia. The territories belonging to the Costa Smeralda Consortium are distributed over a non-homogeneous area of ​​approximately 3,114 hectares, of which 96.3% of green area, which affects the municipalities of Arzachena and Olbia with a coastal extension of about 55 kilometers.

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