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Prince Hussain has suggested ways for each of us to help protect the oceans and the planet l-advice to the Jamat 2022-06-27

Prince Hussain Aga Khan

Stop using plastic completely. Use glass instead.
Refuse plastic utensils, cups and the like. Insist on reusable straws. If we absolutely must use a plastic bag, reuse it as much as possible.
Recycle everything we can.
Buy fewer new clothes, and when we do, try to buy only items made of natural fibres that can biodegrade, rather than synthetic materials that end up in landfill.
Plant as many plants as possible – the benefits for the environment and our community spaces and homes are huge.
Buy local as much as possible.
Reduce the amount of travel we undertake for work – use digital technology instead of travelling, wherever possible. The pandemic showed us that businesses can thrive in a digital environment.
Look for alternative modes of transport in every part of our life – use trains instead of planes, bicycles instead of cars, and wherever possible use electric vehicles.
Consider using solar, wind and battery power sources.
Resist financing the pet trade, which is considered one of the greatest threats to wildlife today. If buying a pet, try to make sure it is captive-bred.
Try to have at least one meat-free day a week.

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