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When Khuda Baksh Talib and Varas Mukhi Karam Ali were in Kilosa, Mukhi Motilal Patel in the Jamatkhana of Iringa made an announcement, “Who will voluntarily go to Kilosa to bring Khuda Baksh Talib and Varas Mukhi Karam Ali?” None came forward, because of the bad weather and heavy rain. It was Lalji Ladha Punjani alone who willingly offered his services. The Mukhi gave him a car to bring them to Iringa.

Lalji Ladha Punjani managed to reach Kilosa during the heavy rains. Then the three of them started from Kilosa on December 12, 1925. On account of heavy raining, the main road was badly damaged, and after a slow driving of three hours, their car unfortunately skidded into a deep trench of water. The accident proved fatal victimizing all the three of them

101 Ismaili Heroes - Volume 1 By Mumtaz Tajddin
Khuda Baksh Talib, Missionary

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