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Poet Rodaki

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2.0 Famous Ismaili Poet & Intellect Rodaki

Poet Rodaki

Renowned Ismaili poet and intellect, Abu Abdullah bin Ja'far bin Muhammad Rodaki, was born some 1100 years before in Rodak near Samarkand. His verses are so famous in the world that he is known

as "Bawa Adam", i.e. distinguished authority of Persian poetry. The era wherein Hakim Rodaki was born was the highly significant in Ismaili history. It was this era wherein, according to the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Imam Mahdi, became manifest in the West, and Ismaili Da'is, with their indefatigable efforts and swiftness, were propagating Ismaili concept in every nook and corner of the world.

Ismaili Hero - Abu Abdullah Rodaki

Poet Rodaki

Le renommé poète et intellectuel, Abu Abdullah bin Ja-fer Bin Muhammad Rodaki, est né il y a 1100 ans à RODAK près de Samarkand. Ses poèmes sont si connus dans le monde qu'il a été nommé 'Bawa Adam' ce qui signifie une autorité distinguée en poésie persane.

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