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Confirmed - Lawsuit continuing


The Mehmani in Montreal was for Family name A-C to my recollection

Alnaz has never been involved in this publication, he was not even aware that the Golden Edition was being published.

The presentation of the first Book at the 1992 Mehmani was done on behalf of the group by Karim Alibhay. All this is documented in the Court papers which are scanned on this site, maybe you missed this info or did not read as there are thousands and thousands of pages for a lawsuit which is still continuing 5 years after Hazar Imam instructed the Plaintiff Sachedina and his lawyer Brian Gray to put the matter to rest and explained to them that he remembered very well the Mehmani in which he himself gave the instruction to continue publishing the Farmans. He even explained why he gave the instructions (He needed the English books in order make them translated in French, Farsi etc).

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