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Closing of School Hall Jamat Khanas

Our leaders only just found out that the rental of these sites is quite expensive. It has been 42 years since our establishment in Canada. If the leaders had started working on daily permanent jamat khanas much, much earlier, we could have bought a handful of permanent sites (when real estate was cheaper) with the same money that we have spent for so many years for these sites. Consider the manpower that has been used to run these school hall jamat khanas. Have these leaders ever considered all this? The other Muslim Communities are laughing at us that after all these years, we are still praying in school halls. As far as the Council having weighed the impact of the closure of these jamat khanas, I tend to disagree. The ICT is in a mess. They have hurt the jamati M/Ks of Greenland & York Mills by basically firing them from their positions. Could they not have waited six more months till they finished their term? If they could still keep Bayview, Dundas West and Richmond Hill going till then, what was the problem with the other two?

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