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@ ismaili marrying outside religion

Dear brother,
I think you clearly misunderstood and missed the whole point that my brother was trying to make.He was not trying to create a difference amongst the ummah but he was making him aware of the consequences of marrying outside your sect.In our own surroundings we have seen marriages gone worse and serious family disputes arise due to this decision although I do believe there are a few perfect examples but still you are taking a risk if you think you can handle it. Believe me neither him nor the girl would want to change their religion because everyone thinks he/she is right and they would want their children to follow their sect. If they truly believed that we are same then one of them might have agreed for the children to choose one's sect in the future but as my brother declared they would bring their children as a mixture of both sects. Its in our nature ( human nature ) and both would be dis hearted especially their families if the child follows one religion and this may also have adverse affects on the child upbringing.The risk is your's.if you want to marry go ahead but Only marry others if you think it doesn't matter to you whether to which sect your children would belong to but believve me you would bw conscious about it your whole life.

The second point that you are trying to make about IMAM's life. I would want to clarify it to that Imam's life is not a role model for us. We do believe that Imam is infallible and whatever steps he takes cannot and could not be understood by us. The guidelines that we are to follow are in his Faramins and if we only needed a role model than you contradict yourself with the shia beliefs of the need of an Imam to guide us. The holy prophet's life is the perfect example but it is Imam's faramins that we must follow to lead our lives but not his personal life as we(an ordinary mind) don't know the reason behind the steps and actions in his life because we consider him to be infallible.

thank you
note : (This is what I think and not the general belief of Ismailis. I believe we should refrain ourselves in order to avoid destruction of many lives including the one's coming to this world)

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