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@ ismaili marrying outside religion

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

After reading your comments I feel sorry that you feel that way. I will direct your attention the The Imam's Family .. they are the leading role in our lives and they have put an example forward for all of us .. Marry anyone if you can carry it with respect and love. Ismaili , Shia , Sunni , Wahabi , Christian or what so ever they maybe. We do believe in one God and its Obligatory in Islam to respect each other and accept each other. Please do not create a difference between among ourselves and accept each other as true brothers and sisters. There is no diiference among ourselves and the Quran emphesises on not creating differences. Please do not post such discriminating comments as its Un Islamic and ethically wrong. I would say that tolerance and acceptance is our faith and please do not derive yourself from your faith. I pray to all the Islamic Umma to unite and not create a difference among ourselves .. Amen "

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