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ismaili marrying outside religion

As you said you wanted to marry sunni woman and have ever this happened before. i would like to tell my ismaili brother and sisters if ever they get into relationship outside our ismaili religion ,it is better they should think seriously about it.marrying and having children and their upbringing is a very serious matter and not a fairy-tale romantic story.

just think about that where will your kids go? you are cutting from your own roots and parental branches.

think our religion is more than a pearl and so easy and not hard to follow. all goodness exists in it. it is better to think about marrying your own community instead of marrying others as no one is different from other in thoughts and attitude. it is only a matter of time when one falls in love with other person and gets attached. i am sure you will feel the same for your own people when you try to go deeply into their lives.

please dont make mistakes and dont ruin your and your families' spirits.

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