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Thanks. Yes so many innocent

Thanks. Yes so many innocent people died there. Two of the kids were my daughters class-mate, the mother of one of them was my wife's friend, all three were lovely persons. My daughter did not sleep the night we got the sad news because she never thought young kids can die and she had a chat with one of her friend with her ipad just a week before her death.

We used to go to Westgate Mall frequently when we lived in Nairobi. We still can not understand why this happened and how people can do this. This is so evil that there is no word strong enough to condemn these terrorists.

Bt we should also recognise that there are good people in this world. many unknown heroes risked their lives to save the people trapped inside the Mall. This barbaric acts of few ended uniting Kenyans of all tribes and also people of all faiths which condemned the act with ONE united voice.

My daughter told me that hundreds of people have given blood to save the victims. She said blood of poor people was given to rich and blood of rich to poor, and blood of Africans to Asians and blood of Asians to Europeans and in this process the unity of mankind was given more importance than the acts of the barbarians. That is the Power of Humanity which is still strong in this sick world.

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