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Evolution and re-evaluation of the Ismaili Du’a following the Declaration of the Great Resurrection in Alamut., Nagib Tajdin , p.33 pages, (2021)
The Fatimid Caliphate Diversity of Traditions, Daftary, Farhad; Jiwa, Shainool , 2020, (2020)
Has Kalki Already Appeared as ʿAlī? The Influence of Hindu Beliefs on the Nizārī Ismaili Khojas, KUTLUTURK, Cemil , 2017, Volume Vol X, Issue No. 1, (2017)
The Genealogy of the Imams since Creation based on the Ghat Pat-ni Dua written by Pir Sadardin (1300-1400 AD), Nargis Mawjee , 07/2017, Volume 1, p.Vol1-192 pages, (2017) Abstract    Download:  Nargis-Mawjee-Asal-Dua-Genealogy-book2.pdf 
A teaching and learning guide for: “A survey of Ismaili studies Part 1” and “A survey of Ismaili studies Part 2”, Andani,Khalil , 2016, (2016)
Al-‘Aziz bi’llah, Jiwa, Shainool , 2011, (2011) Abstract
Taqiyya and Identity in a South Asian Community, VIRANI, SHAFIQUE N. , 2011, (2011)    Download:  Taqiyya_and_Identity_in_a_South_Asian_Co.pdf 
The Philosophical Significance of the Imam in Isma'ilism, Makarem, Sami N. , Volume XXVII, p.41-53, (1967)

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