C. APPENDIX II: Biography of Huzur Wazir Macklai

Brief Biography of Huzur Wazir Ali Muhammad Rehmatullah Macklai

Huzur Wazir Ali Muhammad Rehmatullah Macklai, the son of Rehmatullah Mulji Macklai was born in Kera, Kutchh in 1894. He matriculated in Bombay in 1909 and joined his father's business in 1913, and became one of the most famous broker managers of Finance and Bullion Exchange in Bombay.

His career in the field of community service started when he joined the Ismaili Dharmic Library as a member in 1912, and then became its Hon. Secretary with Dr. Ali Muhammad Nasser Karamsey as the President. The Central Board of Mission of Bombay also came into existence in 1912 with his untiring efforts, which was transformed into the Recreation Club. The name of the Recreation Club changed into the Recreation Club Institute on February 10, 1921, and he became its first President with Alijah Hasan Lalji Devraj as its Chief Secretary.

Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah also appointed him the Honorary Major of the H.H. The Aga Khan Young Volunteer Corps, Bombay on March 14, 1924. The British India also made him J.P. in 1926, and then the Honorary Magistrate.

Huzur Wazir Ali Muhammad Rehmatullah Macklai had a privilege for hoisting the Ismaili Flag for the first time on the Indian soil in Thana Jamatkhana on June 19, 1927.

He had visited Europe and United States for the first time for five months in 1930 and got unique chance to see the Imam on several occasions in Europe.

He was the founder President of Islamic Research Association in 1933, and the Ismaili Society in 1946. He was also made the Private Secretary of the Imam and Mata Salamat during the Golden Jubilee in 1936. He was also the first President of The Aga Khan Legion in 1940.

In appreciation of his long and outstanding services, the Imam granted him the unique title of Huzur Wazir and Commander-in-Chief. He was also appointed the World Head of the Ismailia Associations of the world.

In sum, he had rendered his services for 40 years with the Recreation Club Institute and the Ismailia Associations of the world till 1954, and retired.

He died on Wednesday, July 21, 1971 in Bombay at the age of 77 years. In his message, the Imam said, "Wazir Macklai's devoted services to the jamat will always be remembered by my jamat and by myself and will be deeply missed by all."