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Waez Audio Entries

Most waezes may not be listened to online.
You must first download them and then listen to them on your computer.

0776-LAILT UL QADR - 199956:32Qadr | Lailt Ul QadrHindi | Indian Languages
0738-LAILTUL QADR - 198487:03QadrHindi | Indian Languages
0674-LAITUL QADR - 200446:52Qadr | LAITUL QADRHindi | Indian Languages
0605-LAITUL QADR - 199839:38Qadr | LAITUL QADRHindi | Indian Languages
0483-LAITUL QADR - 199928:39Qadr | LAITUL QADRHindi | Indian Languages
0604-LAITUL QADR - 200135:28Qadr | LAILTUL QADRIndian Languages | Hindi | Katchi
LAITUL QADR-ALBUQUERQUE JK - 200446:45Qadr | LAILTUL QADRIndian Languages | Hindi

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